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Top 10 SEO informative blogs

If you are a SEO person then try to learn the latest things to keep you updated. For this, you can take a help of some of the popular SEO blogs. So you can select few SEO blogs to read every day. It may help you to improve your SEO skill. Here are the top 10 SEO blogs you may follow:

1)      Moz blog

2)      Search Engine Land

3)      SEO Book

4)      Search Engine Journal

5)      Search Engine Roundtable

6)      Search Engine Watch

7)      Quick Sprout

8)      Matt Cutts Blog

9)      Higher Visibility

10)   Social Media Examiner

So you may read above listed SEO blogs everyday to get updated with your SEO skills. These are the most popular blogs where experts of internet marketing share their views. So you may follow their views if find any positive things there. After reading blog post you may ask them through comments if you have any confusion.

If you take a look on then you will feel that you can do something more with Moz. There are several ways to learn search engine optimization. You can find Moz blog, YouMoz blog and Community within So you may raise Q&A in the community section. If you read Moz everyday then you can learn lots of things about search engine optimization.

There are some of the other search engine optimization blogs listed above so try to read them also. At there, you can find the tips on latest Google algorithm.

Thank you.

Digital Point Forums (DP)

It’s hard to believe, but the main page of is looking exactly the same as at it did 8 years ago.

Digital Point is a software company that I guess until 2004, when they’ve launched their forums on February 2004, had their main source of income from developing servers, file handling & ISP Billing software.

In 2004 they’ve launched their (what a surprise!!) phpbb based forums on with a few rooms only dedicated to their software support and discussions only.

Less than 1 month later, Digital Point had realized the potentional in the web & search engines and changed their design & rooms to all SEO & Webmastering rooms.

Digital Point forums are by far the most populated, rewarding SEO Forums today.

With as many as 31 main rooms and 53 sub-rooms DP can be the place to discuss any topic you have in mind.

What is nice about DP is that you have the opportunity to make money just by posting in their forums. After entering you Google adsense code in your profile, you will make a certain percentage of the revenue each page makes through clicks.

Also if you’re looking for SEO Benefits from participating in forums, Digital Point has a few as well – In your profile you can fill in your blog name & rss address and a link with your last post title will appear at all of your posts under your handle.

Also each can promote his sites in the signature links and even have affiliate links in the signature if he wants to – something most SEO Forums forbit.

Submit Express

Started at 1999 as a simple submit to search engines service, submit express were one of the 1st to discover the potential in search engine optimization.

By 2002 they already ran an affiliate program and were still leading the search engine submission niche with a promise to submit to over 75,000 search engines, directories & links pages – 1 URL submission cost only $25, not too bad!

By 2003 they introduced a serious of SEO Tools including: keyword density, SERP checker and Link Popularity tool and meta tags generator (which were pretty popular at the time).

It was only in October 25th 2005 that Submit Express had decided to launch their phpbb based Forums to public, after testing them for 3 months at the address of

Submit Express forums are dealing with Search Engine Optimization, the main subject of their work for the last 7 years, but they also have 1 forum room dedicated to other webmastering related subjects.

Submit Express Homepage has a Google PageRank 7 which lead to a PageRank 6 for their forums homepage.

By now they’ve reached 12,966 members and over 14,200 articles.

As far as positioning for their forums in Google, they currently have no improtant achievements and are basing their traffic from people visiting the submitexpress homepage, specific searches that appears in their threads or by links from other websites.

SEO Chat

SEO Chat forums are located at and currently hold the following statistics:

  • Google PageRank: 6
  • In Bound Links: 1,960 according to Google
  • 67,500 Pages indexed by Google.
  • 33,769 Members
  • 124,717 Threads / Topics
  • Alexa Ranking: 815

All of these, along with the huge amount of useful SEO Tools and SEO related articles that can be found on the SEO Chat Home Page at (Google PR 7), are making it one of the largest SEO communities.

SEO Chat rooms are ofcourse discussing only on SEO related topics, but yet response time to a thread can take more than a few hours, depending on the topic.

In the past SEO Chat rooms were much more active, but due to a drop in the value of signature links (adding rel=”nofollow” tags to all OBL) many users had stopped their visits there and past on to other SEO Forums which rewards you for posting. 


WebWorkShop SEO Forum

WebWorkShop SEO Forum owned by PhilC, a very well known SEO Expert.

The Forums are filled with visitors and to most of your posts it will take less than 30 minutes to get a response, forum now holds 9,134 members, but those who gives the best answers will be the forums moderators, which you can see their list on the button of the forum.

WebWorkShop focuses only on SEO and nothing else – which is what great about it – many people can compare similiar expiriences, check for answers to questions that other had already solved with or without the help of other members of WebWorkShop.

WebWorkShop exists since November 21st, 2002 and is based on phpbb with many moderations made by PhilC.

Latest additions: User Levels – users which are most helpful gets a link on the top of the forum depending on the number of posts they’ve made and how helpful they are. If you a moderator sees that you are very helpful and wants to keep you on the forum he will give you a rank of MVP which will title to a chance to get your link on the forum. Only top 4 MVP users will have their link up.

Spam Filters:

  1. Profiles are not indexed by any search engine.
  2. 8 moderators keeps the area clear.
  3. Users with less than 50 posts cannot add links to their posts.

SEO Benefits:

  1. MVP links. (see latest additions).
  2. Signature Links – 50-100 posts title you with 1 signature link above that you can have up to 3 links on each post.
  3. Announcing new directories.

Positioning with Google

  • #1 on the phrase SEO Forum
  • #5 on the phrase PageRank
  • #12 on the phase search engine optimization forum

Other statistics:

  1. Alexa ranking: 9,178
  2. Google PageRank: 5
  3. IBL on Google: 152
  4. Pages indexed on Google: 23,100

Link to forum: