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WebWorkShop SEO Forum

WebWorkShop SEO Forum owned by PhilC, a very well known SEO Expert.

The Forums are filled with visitors and to most of your posts it will take less than 30 minutes to get a response, forum now holds 9,134 members, but those who gives the best answers will be the forums moderators, which you can see their list on the button of the forum.

WebWorkShop focuses only on SEO and nothing else – which is what great about it – many people can compare similiar expiriences, check for answers to questions that other had already solved with or without the help of other members of WebWorkShop.

WebWorkShop exists since November 21st, 2002 and is based on phpbb with many moderations made by PhilC.

Latest additions: User Levels – users which are most helpful gets a link on the top of the forum depending on the number of posts they’ve made and how helpful they are. If you a moderator sees that you are very helpful and wants to keep you on the forum he will give you a rank of MVP which will title to a chance to get your link on the forum. Only top 4 MVP users will have their link up.

Spam Filters:

  1. Profiles are not indexed by any search engine.
  2. 8 moderators keeps the area clear.
  3. Users with less than 50 posts cannot add links to their posts.

SEO Benefits:

  1. MVP links. (see latest additions).
  2. Signature Links – 50-100 posts title you with 1 signature link above that you can have up to 3 links on each post.
  3. Announcing new directories.

Positioning with Google

  • #1 on the phrase SEO Forum
  • #5 on the phrase PageRank
  • #12 on the phase search engine optimization forum

Other statistics:

  1. Alexa ranking: 9,178
  2. Google PageRank: 5
  3. IBL on Google: 152
  4. Pages indexed on Google: 23,100

Link to forum:

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