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Link Market – IWebTool

Since Googles’ policy on buying and selling links is – DON’T, the only way for people to keep purchasing is hiding the fact that the links they have displayed in their site are purchased.

You can see for example many SEO Forums where if you want to sell a link, you write in your post to send a pm (personal message) for the url, so that way the url is not exposed for google to find that they’re selling links.

This is only the 1st step it takes for a link sale these days, but this alone is very important.

IWebTool had launched not too long ago their link market place where people can post the url, price and link location, but IWebTool guys forgot to hide this from Google, so that anyone that publishes their link sale in there is actually hurting his costumers, as their value will be removed once google is on to them.

Too bad, the idea is nice, but if it was only for members or somehow hidden it would be wiser.

Text Link Brokers

Text Link established on December 2003 with the direct intention of doing exactly what they do today – Sell Text Link to help improve search engine ranking positions.

On the homepage of Text Link Brokers you will find a quick link to their text link inventory including many authority & education sites. Link rates are a bit higher than you would find on other websites – but Text Link Brokers are assuring you that your link will not be placed on a page that has more than just a few out bound links and that its quality is not from the highest.

With personal attention to each site they review and approve to their inventory you can expect the best from this professional text links brokerage company.

Text Link Ads

The leader of the Text Links selling and buying industry since 2003.

Back in 2003 they sold text links for traffic purposes only, little did they know that this would become one of the hottest product in the webmasters world.

Text Link Ads have reached a PR7 and are positioned well in all related keyphrases on Google.

Text Links Ads .com gives every webmaster the chance to make money by selling links from their websites and also with their affiliate program.

After registering you can login your account, hit the affiliate program tab and get a banner code for displaying a banner like the one you see here:

Text Link Ads

To sell links from your site Text Link Ads gives you a simple wizard for you to choose your site script language and the wizard will generate a code for you to add to your site and will guide you through the short installation process.

To buy links you can simply fill in a request for a free custom proposal in which you will fill in your website information and budget and you’ll recieve an offer for the best text links that fits your site cretiria and Text Link Ads proposal team thinks would suit you best.

If the proposal made by the Text Link Ads team does not please you, you can simply browse through their inventory of links according to any search phrase and find the links that would suit you the most.