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SEO Hosting

Many companies offer these days SEO Hosting packages.

What is SEO Hosting? Where to get it? These questions and more I hope to solve with your help.

First time I saw a SEO Hosting package was in Host Gator front page.

It offered a very expensive package of $35 / month and promised to host your sites on 16 different C-Class IPs.

After the first pioneers many decided to offer similar packages, but since most hosting companies are small and do not offer so many servers and cannot give so many different C-Class IPs these packages are very expensive.

What is the benefit of purchasing seo hosting packages over spreading your sites across many different hosting companies is pretty obvious, but let’s mention a few:

  1. Managing all domains from one control panel is much easier.
  2. Accessing only 1 FTP
  3. support with companies offering SEO Hosting is usually much better.
  4. Dealing with many hosting companies is hard as you have to keep track of all passwords, user names, which websites are hosting on which hosting companies and try to keep them on seperated c-class IPs.

Since started with the SEO hosting packages, Host Gator decided that Google might frown on that service, so they’ve completely removed it from their site and now it offered as a service from a company affiliated with Host Gator under the unique, brand name url – yes, indeed very unique.

Pay attention that many companies are trying to use the “hunt” for SEO hosting services and are offering different dedicated IPs with their services, but in most cases all those IPs are from the same C-Class IP which conflicts with the entire idea behind the SEO Hosting.

Minor Update  (February 5th, 2008)

Got a coupon code from hostgator to use for their seo hosting service – the coupon code is: seo-compare and it would give you a discount of 50% on first month.