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Best Keyword research tools

When it comes to keywords research then we always look for a better tool. There are several keyword research tools available in the SEO market but people are getting confused which one to use. As you know, each tool offers something different than other so it may be hard for you to decide better one. As of my known, here the best keyword research tools that work better these days:

Google Keyword Planner:  It is one of the most important keyword research tools which we can’t ignore. It’s free for anyone to do keyword research. I also mostly use Google keyword planner tool to find out better keywords for any of the projects. Before few months, Google has merged Google Adwords Keyword Tool into Google Keyword Planner so now we need a login to do anything with this tool.

Free Keyword Tool – WordStream: You may also use free keyword tool which is offered by WordStream. At here, we can find the great list of keywords related to our businesses or websites. But there is limitation for free users as they can get 30 free searches only. It also offers some of the other keyword tools like Free Keyword Niche Finder, Free Keyword Grouper and Negative Keyword Tool which may help you to pick up better keywords for your websites.

Keyword Research Tools – Wordtracker:  We can also take a help of Keyword research tools which is offered by Wordtracker. Now lots of people are using this tool to find out best keywords for their website. You may use it for a free but there is limitation for that.

Above listed tools are the most important keyword research tools. You may also use some of other tools like Keyword Discovery, Bing Keyword Research Tool, SpyFu, and Keyword List So it depends on you to select a better tool for your work. If you are looking for a free tool which to be used in keyword research then Google Keyword Planner is the best option for you. So just take yourself a step ahead and plan your campaign of keyword research in an effective way.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool

Overture, once a Giant in the PPC insdustry had lost some of its adventage once Google and their PPC, Google Adwords, stormed in.

Back in those days Overture were the PPC management system for both MSN and Yahoo, until purchased by Yahoo and forcing MSN to issue their own version called MSN Ad-Center, which is still considered as the less popular system of the three.

Overture are now basing the data on Yahoo searches and Traffic to determine the keyword popularity.

The keyword selector tool that can be found in Overture PPC or as a standalone at

The keyword selector tool is not the most accurate and does not work completely well with foreign languages, but it is still a good source to get an idea from as for specific search terms popularity. It also suggests more popular similar terms to the keyword you’ve entered.

Google Keyword Suggestion

What better way is there to find what are the best keywords for you to target your website / blog or page to if not to ask the search engines leader, Google.

Google keyword suggestion was originally intended to help their advertisers choosing keywords according to:

  1. Advertiser Competition 
  2. Last Month Traffic
  3. Avarage Traffic per month

What makes this tool most comftorable is the fact that you can see not only the traffic bar filled by Google, but also the advertisers competition which gives you an idea of how hard it is to get a good ranking or how expensive it’s going to be compete for this search term.

Another feature that makes this tool very unique and very useful in SEO terms is the Site-Related Keywords Feature which allows you to find keywords according to a url you choose.

Doing this check will give you an idea of what you’re competition is after and also it can teach you how google looks at pages and check their keyword density.

You can find this tool at your google adwords account or at this address:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first and most important part in the Search Engine Optimization tasks.

Choosing the keywords that would be the base of your websites pages will make all the difference in your future ranking and traffic.

Keywords must reflect the content of your website and the target of your traffic.

When considering keywords you should change your prespective from a webmaster to a user and think about what you’re searching for.

For example as a webmaster I’ve chosen the keyword: SEO Compare for this website while if I was a user keywords I would be looking for were probably: “seo tools comparisons”, “seo comparisons” and more phrases that might be search by users trying to compare their SEO work with others or compare SEO tools to find the best tools.

Keyword research is done according to reports and statistics of user search history, to do a research you can do by using tools that are built for that purpose such as:

  • Wordtracker
  • Overture keyword suggestion
  • Google adwords Keyword suggestion tool
  • SEO Book Keyword suggestion
  • DigitalPoint keyword suggestion which offers a comparison between overture and wordtracker

these tools offers you keywords according to their popularity – all you have to do is enter the general topics and they would do the rest.

If you want to do it on your own without using these tools you can simply search your term on search engines and see the number of results to get an idea of its popularity and then look at your competitors and see the keywords they’ve placed in their titles, urls and even text.

Their are many keyword density tools that would help you achieve that, you can even use backlink watcher or other backlink tools to see the anchor text pointing to your competitors to see what they’re using to get their top search engine results.