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Google Keyword Suggestion

What better way is there to find what are the best keywords for you to target your website / blog or page to if not to ask the search engines leader, Google.

Google keyword suggestion was originally intended to help their advertisers choosing keywords according to:

  1. Advertiser Competition 
  2. Last Month Traffic
  3. Avarage Traffic per month

What makes this tool most comftorable is the fact that you can see not only the traffic bar filled by Google, but also the advertisers competition which gives you an idea of how hard it is to get a good ranking or how expensive it’s going to be compete for this search term.

Another feature that makes this tool very unique and very useful in SEO terms is the Site-Related Keywords Feature which allows you to find keywords according to a url you choose.

Doing this check will give you an idea of what you’re competition is after and also it can teach you how google looks at pages and check their keyword density.

You can find this tool at your google adwords account or at this address:

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