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Top 10 SEO informative blogs

If you are a SEO person then try to learn the latest things to keep you updated. For this, you can take a help of some of the popular SEO blogs. So you can select few SEO blogs to read every day. It may help you to improve your SEO skill. Here are the top 10 SEO blogs you may follow:

1)      Moz blog

2)      Search Engine Land

3)      SEO Book

4)      Search Engine Journal

5)      Search Engine Roundtable

6)      Search Engine Watch

7)      Quick Sprout

8)      Matt Cutts Blog

9)      Higher Visibility

10)   Social Media Examiner

So you may read above listed SEO blogs everyday to get updated with your SEO skills. These are the most popular blogs where experts of internet marketing share their views. So you may follow their views if find any positive things there. After reading blog post you may ask them through comments if you have any confusion.

If you take a look on then you will feel that you can do something more with Moz. There are several ways to learn search engine optimization. You can find Moz blog, YouMoz blog and Community within So you may raise Q&A in the community section. If you read Moz everyday then you can learn lots of things about search engine optimization.

There are some of the other search engine optimization blogs listed above so try to read them also. At there, you can find the tips on latest Google algorithm.

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Hi all,

 This is not a tip, this is not a recommendation, if you’re dealing with SEO, Link Exchanges, Link Purchases and anything related do yourself and your partners a favor and avoid using Gmail.

 Using Gmail is like shouting in Googles Face: “WE’RE LINK EXCHANGING… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??!!” Well, they can do alot Google had already proved in the last several months that they’re not going to allow the link exchange and link brokerage markets continue.

Keep in mind that when you choose to use Gmail you choose to share your emails information with the most important factor in the SEO world – Google.

Use your Cpanels and create yourself a personal email account or even use Hotmail and Yahoo Mail as their Search Engines are less important than Google.

Email all of your friends & partners and ask them to make the change NOW.

Google Keyword Suggestion

What better way is there to find what are the best keywords for you to target your website / blog or page to if not to ask the search engines leader, Google.

Google keyword suggestion was originally intended to help their advertisers choosing keywords according to:

  1. Advertiser Competition 
  2. Last Month Traffic
  3. Avarage Traffic per month

What makes this tool most comftorable is the fact that you can see not only the traffic bar filled by Google, but also the advertisers competition which gives you an idea of how hard it is to get a good ranking or how expensive it’s going to be compete for this search term.

Another feature that makes this tool very unique and very useful in SEO terms is the Site-Related Keywords Feature which allows you to find keywords according to a url you choose.

Doing this check will give you an idea of what you’re competition is after and also it can teach you how google looks at pages and check their keyword density.

You can find this tool at your google adwords account or at this address: