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Uses of Alexa tool in modern age

Alexa is one of the established site that offer SEO tools for the users to track status of their SEO process. You may use Alexa in the both situation if you are looking for a paid or free SEO tools. It works better in both conditions.  A few years back, most of the SEO persons were using Alexa tools for their SEO purposes. But now these days, there are only few people are using this tool for their business purposes. As of my known, it’s not a bad idea to track the status of your website through alexa. Here are the most important things we can get with this tool:

Popularity of your website: At here, you can track the popularity of your website within few seconds. You can get global and local rank status of your website based on Alexa data. So it will be great to know the position of your website in global and local market.

Top Performing Keywords: We can also get a list of top performing keywords through Alexa. So it will be easy to understand the traffic sources of your website. We can also pick up those keywords and focus more on that if they are not available on the front page of search engines.

Upstream Sites: Upstream sites mean the sites which people visited immediately before this site. So you may also have an idea about traffic sources.

Related Links:  You may also get a list of competitors through this site. In this you may easily find the list of websites that are related to your website. So you may plan your SEO campaign according to that if you think they are performing better than you.

There are some of the other things you can track with Alexa but I think no need to discuss more about that as I already shared most important things of Alexa. If you have a new website and want to optimize it then just take a summary of that website through Alexa. It will be easy for anyone to get the status of a website in a quick way.


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