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Statcounter increases log file

Well, another improvement in the fight between Google Analytics & Statcounter.

Statcounter had sent a mail and posted on their new blog a message to all members that from now on the log file with all the statistics will be 500 pageloads instead of 100 pageloads that were the standard free deal until today.

I worked fine with the 100, but it’s always nice to get another freebee.

To switch to 500 pageloads simply click on the wranch image near you project name & choose Adjust log file – Change to 500 and you’re ready to go.

Statcounter removed backlink

I do not know exactly how long it happened, but I can guess it happened within the last 2 months – Statcounter had added an option to remove the backlink.

They still ask you to give a link back, but it is not a MUST like before.

& please let me quote:

“If you wish you may disable the link back to StatCounter in your code – however we would really appreciate it if you left it in!”

 This step is to my opinion another step in their battle against the new threat by Google Analytics to still their clients.

Will next step be removing the last visitors limit – if only their interface would be more friendly to foreign languages they would have given Google a much better fight.