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Ranking check systems in 2014

If you are going to maintain keyword rankings of your website manually then it may be difficult for you. And it will be a good idea to use some of the keyword ranking tools for the same. If you have keywords around 5-10 then you can handle it manually but you need a ranking check system for a big project which contain thousands of keywords inside. Here are list of ranking tools to track the status of your keyword rankings on search engines:

Moz Rank Tracker: You can track your ranking status with the Moz Rank Tracker easily. For this, you need to register on this site and it’s not a free tool. After getting a plan, you need to enter all of the keywords which you want to track. Moz automatically updates ranking status weekly. At there, you can find keyword ranking status of your website on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing at the same time. And you may also compare your current ranking with the last week. Through this tool you can easily filter dropped and improved keywords so it may help you to make next action plan of SEO.

Rank checker – You may also download rank checker tool from It’s totally a free tool so you can use it as a ranking check system. After downloading, you need to install it on your browser so you can use it. Rank Checker also gives facility to the users to track the ranking status of their websites on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live. And you can export your data of keyword ranking in CSV file.

You may also take a help of some of the other ranking check systems or ranking checker tools to track the current position of your website in different search engines. There are lots of free tools available online so you can use any of them. Using of Moz rank tracker you can get some more data and history of previous ranking but unfortunately it’s a paid tool. So it may not be a bad idea to pay for it if you have a big project.



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