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Search Status Keyword Density

Search Status 1.18 – my favorite tool is this FireFox addon – after a quick installation you can right click the small icon of the side in any page and check for keyword density and you’ll recieve a small window with just the important details according to a keyword of you choice. You can also leave the keyword field empty and get a full keywords analysis.

WebConfs Keyword Density Checker

WebConfs Keyword Density Checker – Enter a url and get a Keyword Density cloud followed by a list of the keywords sorted by percentage and details about the number of appearances and percentage in page. Very simple, very nice.

Ranks.NL Keyword Density Tool

Ranks.NL Keyword Density Tool – Maximum options to customize your search: you can choose specific words to ignore, you can choose specific html elements to ignore (comments is a default),  specific keywords to focus on – although you will get a full report anyway. What I don’t like about this tool that the page results makes you want to run away – so many details – so much is written that you don’t know where to start.
If you stayed on the page you would find everything you looked for, but this tool is for those who are really into extra reading.

SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool

#2 on Google for keyword density is the tool by SEO Chat. This tool gives you a little more customizing options, as you can pick how many maximum words should be in the keyphrase, if they should count a year (e.g 2004) as a keyword, how many keywords you want returned and should they count Alt, Metas & Title. Nice Tool, does exactly what it says it does.

Keyword – Compares between 2 pages for a specific keyword or keyphrase.

Although it is really easy to use, the results are not so accurate, as in some parameters you will get 200% when there should be just %100 – Listed at the 1st position in Google for keyword density gives them the traffic, but as for quality there are much better tools.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is an important SEO tool that allows you to check the percentage / number of a specific keyword in a web page.

With that you can compare between similiar pages why does one page out rank the other for that specific keyword. Assuming all other SEO specifics are identical – you could adjust your site according to your compatitors and even out rank them.

If you tried any of the keyword density tools mentioned in the following posts – please rank them.

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