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SEO Quake

This great SEO extension saves you so much time and enables you to view the following within the need to click anything and it works in both FireFox Mozilla & INTERNET EXPLORER (Which don’t have too many useful extensions so far):

  1. Google PR – click to go to Google Toolbar Queries Page.
  2. Google Indexed Pages – To google Site:current domain
  3. Yahoo Link Domain – ToYahoo Site Explorer with linkdomain:current domain minus the results from the same domain – so you actually get only the links from out side of the current domain.
  4. MSN Indexed Pages – Click to go to +domain: currentsite
  5. Alexa Rank- Alexa Traffic Details Page
  6. Age – Web Archive for the site
  7. Delicious – History in
  8. Internal Links – Internal SEO Quake Report
  9. External Links – Internet SEO Quake Report

And gives you a 1 click option to view the following:

  1. Whois – goes to Domain Tools
  2. Page Source – Default View Source of FireFox / Internet Explorer
  3. Keyword Density Report – which is very detailed and very clear.

All these and more, SEO Quake gives you a full customize ability in which you can choose the exact details you’re interested to view and where you want to view them.

Another main feature SEO Quake offers is the additional details it shows on your search results, on either Google, Google Blog search, Yahoo, Yahoo Site Explorer or MSN ( – in all you can add the same details you can add to your toolbar.

A small yet very useful tool inside the SEO Quake is the “Check Links” Option which appears in when you right click the SEO Quake.

When selecting that option a small empty window will open.

In this window fill in a list of urls – 1 per line and when you’re done hit the enter key be directed to a new page in that page you just click “request parameters” to fill in the table with all the details you’ve chosen in the preferences screen . This page filled with all details – you can save as html or add to an existing file.

What else can you ask from a SEO Toolbar?!


After a long wait SEO Quake is not fully compatible to FireFox3, so go ahead update and enjoy.

Search Status Keyword Density

Search Status 1.18 – my favorite tool is this FireFox addon – after a quick installation you can right click the small icon of the side in any page and check for keyword density and you’ll recieve a small window with just the important details according to a keyword of you choice. You can also leave the keyword field empty and get a full keywords analysis.