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Domain authority checker tools

Now Google is giving more priority to the sites that have great domain authority. So it becomes more important than Page Rank. And it would be a great idea to improve your site’s domain authority for better ranking. Here are the few tools which may help you to get domain authority of your websites:

1)      Bulk DA Checker: You can check domain authority of your site through easily and quickly. I mostly use this tool to know domain authority of my site. It doesn’t only help to get domain authority, also helps to get Google Page Rank and IP address of the sites at the same time. This tool support to check domain authority up to 100 website at once and you may export DA results to Excel.

2)      Moz tool: You can also take a help of Moz to check domain authority of a website. At here you can get more details of a website. For this, you need to make a login on And there is very limited access to Moz if you have registered for a free. At Moz, you can also get Page authority with the domain authority.

3)      Check domain authority – MOONSY:  It’s also a great tool to check domain authority of a website. For this, you can go on this page: to know DA of your website. also offers some of the other SEO tools that can be found on home page. At here, you can enter only one website at a time to check DA.

4)      Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools: You may also use this tool to get DA of your websites in a bulk. This tool is offered by Small SEO Tools which can be found here: At here, you can get some more details with the domain authority like Page Authority, Linking root domains and total links.

There are some of the other DA checker tools available in the market so you may use any of them. And I think that you can get domain authority of your website easily and quickly through the tools as I shared above.


Best back-link analysis tools

It becomes more important to check back-link of your website when planning to beat your competitor’s websites. It’s not enough to track back-links of your site only, but also need to know the back-link of competitor’s websites. So I would like to share few back-link analysis tools with you:

Open Site Explorer: Open Site Explorer is a back-link checker tool to track the list of back-link of any sites in an effective way. It is powered by Moz now. And there is very limited access to this tool for a free. So if you want some more data then you need to pay for it. At here, you will get the results in four columns as Title and URL of Linking Page, Link Anchor Text,                 Page Authority, Domain Authority.  And Moz also gives facility to the users to filter the data so you can filter out all do follow or no follow links in a quick way.

Majestic SEO: Majestic SEO is also one of the back link analysis tools that provide facility to the users to track the back-link of any website. At here you can get the back-links of your website for a free if you have verified your domain on this site. But if you need to analysis backlink of competitor’s website then you need to pay for it. It also shows some more details with the back-links like URL Flow Metrics, Domain Flow Metrics, Link Type and Indexed details.

Backlink Explorer – Raven: You can also take a dig on back-links of your website through Raven backlink explorer. It shows the backlink reports with the following details:

  • Source URL
  • Citation Flow
  • Anchor text
  • No Follow status
  • If link is an image

In this you can also export your reports of backlink in CSV file to use it frequently when you need it.

You may also find some of the other backlink analysis tools online. There are some of the other tools like Backlink Watch, Ahrefs Site Explorer and Backlink Checker – So you may use any of them to check backlink of a website.


Backlinks Checkers

No, I’m not refering to a game called “backlinks checkers”, but to the real thing thing.
We all need to know who is linking to our sites & pages and how they do it, if it’s by an image (banner) or a text, if they’re using the url as the anchor text, the website name or by an anchor text that reflects the sites content and targeted keywords.

The thing is that now, after that Microsoft had acquired yahoo search, we’re all limited in yahoo backlink check, just as we’re in bing backlink check.

So how can we check our backlinks?

Well, there are still tools that can help us run a pretty good analysis. Let’s go over them:

Backlinks watch – is still alive and still shows up to 1,000 results including the anchor text being used.

Open Site Explorer – the free version shows the number of backlinks and a selection of anchor text being used.

Majestic SEO – if you verify that you own the website you get a bit more info, which can include anchor text analysis, backlinks types, link building paste and a comparison with your competitors – for free.

Which to use?

We’ll post our reviews to these and other tools soon enough

Live Link Check

After almost a year MSN had returned their link check operator back to live (double meaning… nice, right?)

But as MSN knows they decided to make things complicated so they changed the way we were used to use.

From now on you need to add “+” before the operator

For example, to check the back links of you need to write:

and if you want to check all of your domain backlinks just use:

I am pretty sure they’ve done so in order to prevent old robots from using their tools automatically, so if you have a bot or a script that is attempting to receive data from MSN simply add the “+” before the original code and you’re set to go.

Link Harvester

from the maker of the SEO Book, Aaron Wall, comes this great seo tool that shows link information for a certain website according to yahoo (the last standing link source for webmasters).

Link Harvester checks up to 1000 results and divides them according to c-class ip address.

It also displays a set of links next to every link your site has giving you the following options:

  1. W – Whois
  2. A – Archive
  3. G – Google Cache
  4. T – Google Cache – Text Version
  5. D – Dmoz
  6. Y – Yahoo Directory
  7. S – search Yahoo for page from that link that are linking to your website

Using this tool you can check your site value or your competitors. It also separates completely from the list links that comes from authority sites such as .EDU, .GOV & .MIL

You can find the link harvester here –

BackLink Watch

From the home of – brings a very simple and very useful back link check tool.

Backlink watch homepage shows a few ads and a “Enter URL” field. as simple as that.

Once a url is entered you will be directed to a page that will show you all the links in 1 table that will include each links anchor text, Google PR of the page, Number of OBL from that page and any special flag in that link (such as nofollow) – which is a feature most back link checkers and link popularity tools do not bother checking.

Very nice tool, very simple, only thing that annoys is that on many pages it does not recognise the anchor text and if it does not recognise that, it does not write PR, OBL or Flags. 

1 more thing if you’re working with IE load the page and continue what you were doing, because it will take a long time if you have more than 1000 IBL.