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Backlinks Checkers

No, I’m not refering to a game called “backlinks checkers”, but to the real thing thing.
We all need to know who is linking to our sites & pages and how they do it, if it’s by an image (banner) or a text, if they’re using the url as the anchor text, the website name or by an anchor text that reflects the sites content and targeted keywords.

The thing is that now, after that Microsoft had acquired yahoo search, we’re all limited in yahoo backlink check, just as we’re in bing backlink check.

So how can we check our backlinks?

Well, there are still tools that can help us run a pretty good analysis. Let’s go over them:

Backlinks watch – is still alive and still shows up to 1,000 results including the anchor text being used.

Open Site Explorer – the free version shows the number of backlinks and a selection of anchor text being used.

Majestic SEO – if you verify that you own the website you get a bit more info, which can include anchor text analysis, backlinks types, link building paste and a comparison with your competitors – for free.

Which to use?

We’ll post our reviews to these and other tools soon enough

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