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BackLink Watch

From the home of – brings a very simple and very useful back link check tool.

Backlink watch homepage shows a few ads and a “Enter URL” field. as simple as that.

Once a url is entered you will be directed to a page that will show you all the links in 1 table that will include each links anchor text, Google PR of the page, Number of OBL from that page and any special flag in that link (such as nofollow) – which is a feature most back link checkers and link popularity tools do not bother checking.

Very nice tool, very simple, only thing that annoys is that on many pages it does not recognise the anchor text and if it does not recognise that, it does not write PR, OBL or Flags. 

1 more thing if you’re working with IE load the page and continue what you were doing, because it will take a long time if you have more than 1000 IBL.

3 Responses to “BackLink Watch”

  1. SEO Ranter |

    An actually useful tool.. thanks, this is really handy. Do you know if they have a development blog?

  2. dondor |

    not yet, I’ve found this website after the owner was looking for sponsorship, I believe a SEO site with more tools will be 1 of his next steps.

  3. hersh |

    Great tool. I just realised how man ycrap links are pointing to us: probably SEO agency we used before done it. More than 100 duplicate IPs.

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