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Submit Express

Started at 1999 as a simple submit to search engines service, submit express were one of the 1st to discover the potential in search engine optimization.

By 2002 they already ran an affiliate program and were still leading the search engine submission niche with a promise to submit to over 75,000 search engines, directories & links pages – 1 URL submission cost only $25, not too bad!

By 2003 they introduced a serious of SEO Tools including: keyword density, SERP checker and Link Popularity tool and meta tags generator (which were pretty popular at the time).

It was only in October 25th 2005 that Submit Express had decided to launch their phpbb based Forums to public, after testing them for 3 months at the address of

Submit Express forums are dealing with Search Engine Optimization, the main subject of their work for the last 7 years, but they also have 1 forum room dedicated to other webmastering related subjects.

Submit Express Homepage has a Google PageRank 7 which lead to a PageRank 6 for their forums homepage.

By now they’ve reached 12,966 members and over 14,200 articles.

As far as positioning for their forums in Google, they currently have no improtant achievements and are basing their traffic from people visiting the submitexpress homepage, specific searches that appears in their threads or by links from other websites.

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