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Digital Point Forums (DP)

It’s hard to believe, but the main page of is looking exactly the same as at it did 8 years ago.

digital point is a software company that I guess until 2004, when they’ve launched their forums on February 2004, had their main source of income from developing servers, file handling & ISP Billing software.

In 2004 they’ve launched their (what a surprise!!) phpbb based forums on with a few rooms only dedicated to their software support and discussions only.

Less than 1 month later, digital point had realized the potentional in the web & search engines and changed their design & rooms to all SEO & Webmastering rooms.

digital point forums are by far the most populated, rewarding SEO Forums today.

With as many as 31 main rooms and 53 sub-rooms DP can be the place to discuss any topic you have in mind.

What is nice about DP is that you have the opportunity to make money just by posting in their forums. After entering you Google adsense code in your profile, you will make a certain percentage of the revenue each page makes through clicks.

Also if you’re looking for SEO Benefits from participating in forums, digital point has a few as well – In your profile you can fill in your blog name & rss address and a link with your last post title will appear at all of your posts under your handle.

Also each can promote his sites in the signature links and even have affiliate links in the signature if he wants to – something most SEO Forums forbit.

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  1. pakistanboy |

    I got the banned on digital point, what should i do.

    Thank you,
    Pakistan Boy

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