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2007 SEO Summary – Top 10 events

Events worth mentioning in the SEO world during 2007:

  1. Google declares war on paid links – 1 2 3 4 – caused many high PR sites to lose their PR and many websites to completely lose ranking (see: Aviva Directory, Text Link Ads and many more).
  2. 3 Google pagerank updates – Jan 25, Apr 30, Oct 26 – the long delay between the 2nd and 3rd PR updates in 2007 cause many to believe that PR is dead and SEO Moz Page Strength tool became more popular for a short period of time.
  3. The creation of
  4. MSN Live brings back to life webmasters favorite search operators +link: +linkfromdomain: +linkdomain: +site: – but yet, lost most of its webmasters traffic to Yahoo which proved stability.
  5. Google PR Prediction tools – dead.
  6. digital point Year  – Doubles the amount of users to 125,000.
  7. Gambling laws in USA caused ban of gambling ads on adwords and other ppc systems which cause more SEO efforts and blackhat techniques.
  8. Spread of Google’s sitelinks (those 8 small links that appear under the 1st search result).
  9. Bidding Directories scripts gets popular and pop up like mushrooms after the rain.
  10. Outsourcing becomes more and more popular and due to high usage of SEO Forums had became a thing that every SEO guy must use for content writing, directory submission, link building and even programming, graphics and website building.

The list is open for changed for the next month – please post your ideas & thoughts below and help me choose the best 10 SEO events of 2007.

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