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Ranking check systems in 2014

If you are going to maintain keyword rankings of your website manually then it may be difficult for you. And it will be a good idea to use some of the keyword ranking tools for the same. If you have keywords around 5-10 then you can handle it manually but you need a ranking check system for a big project which contain thousands of keywords inside. Here are list of ranking tools to track the status of your keyword rankings on search engines:

Moz Rank Tracker: You can track your ranking status with the Moz Rank Tracker easily. For this, you need to register on this site and it’s not a free tool. After getting a plan, you need to enter all of the keywords which you want to track. Moz automatically updates ranking status weekly. At there, you can find keyword ranking status of your website on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing at the same time. And you may also compare your current ranking with the last week. Through this tool you can easily filter dropped and improved keywords so it may help you to make next action plan of SEO.

Rank checker – You may also download rank checker tool from It’s totally a free tool so you can use it as a ranking check system. After downloading, you need to install it on your browser so you can use it. Rank Checker also gives facility to the users to track the ranking status of their websites on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Live. And you can export your data of keyword ranking in CSV file.

You may also take a help of some of the other ranking check systems or ranking checker tools to track the current position of your website in different search engines. There are lots of free tools available online so you can use any of them. Using of Moz rank tracker you can get some more data and history of previous ranking but unfortunately it’s a paid tool. So it may not be a bad idea to pay for it if you have a big project.



Uses of Alexa tool in modern age

Alexa is one of the established site that offer SEO tools for the users to track status of their SEO process. You may use Alexa in the both situation if you are looking for a paid or free SEO tools. It works better in both conditions.  A few years back, most of the SEO persons were using Alexa tools for their SEO purposes. But now these days, there are only few people are using this tool for their business purposes. As of my known, it’s not a bad idea to track the status of your website through alexa. Here are the most important things we can get with this tool:

Popularity of your website: At here, you can track the popularity of your website within few seconds. You can get global and local rank status of your website based on Alexa data. So it will be great to know the position of your website in global and local market.

Top Performing Keywords: We can also get a list of top performing keywords through Alexa. So it will be easy to understand the traffic sources of your website. We can also pick up those keywords and focus more on that if they are not available on the front page of search engines.

Upstream Sites: Upstream sites mean the sites which people visited immediately before this site. So you may also have an idea about traffic sources.

Related Links:  You may also get a list of competitors through this site. In this you may easily find the list of websites that are related to your website. So you may plan your SEO campaign according to that if you think they are performing better than you.

There are some of the other things you can track with Alexa but I think no need to discuss more about that as I already shared most important things of Alexa. If you have a new website and want to optimize it then just take a summary of that website through Alexa. It will be easy for anyone to get the status of a website in a quick way.


Domain authority checker tools

Now Google is giving more priority to the sites that have great domain authority. So it becomes more important than Page Rank. And it would be a great idea to improve your site’s domain authority for better ranking. Here are the few tools which may help you to get domain authority of your websites:

1)      Bulk DA Checker: You can check domain authority of your site through easily and quickly. I mostly use this tool to know domain authority of my site. It doesn’t only help to get domain authority, also helps to get Google Page Rank and IP address of the sites at the same time. This tool support to check domain authority up to 100 website at once and you may export DA results to Excel.

2)      Moz tool: You can also take a help of Moz to check domain authority of a website. At here you can get more details of a website. For this, you need to make a login on And there is very limited access to Moz if you have registered for a free. At Moz, you can also get Page authority with the domain authority.

3)      Check domain authority – MOONSY:  It’s also a great tool to check domain authority of a website. For this, you can go on this page: to know DA of your website. also offers some of the other SEO tools that can be found on home page. At here, you can enter only one website at a time to check DA.

4)      Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools: You may also use this tool to get DA of your websites in a bulk. This tool is offered by Small SEO Tools which can be found here: At here, you can get some more details with the domain authority like Page Authority, Linking root domains and total links.

There are some of the other DA checker tools available in the market so you may use any of them. And I think that you can get domain authority of your website easily and quickly through the tools as I shared above.


Best Keyword research tools

When it comes to keywords research then we always look for a better tool. There are several keyword research tools available in the SEO market but people are getting confused which one to use. As you know, each tool offers something different than other so it may be hard for you to decide better one. As of my known, here the best keyword research tools that work better these days:

Google Keyword Planner:  It is one of the most important keyword research tools which we can’t ignore. It’s free for anyone to do keyword research. I also mostly use Google keyword planner tool to find out better keywords for any of the projects. Before few months, Google has merged Google Adwords Keyword Tool into Google Keyword Planner so now we need a login to do anything with this tool.

Free Keyword Tool – WordStream: You may also use free keyword tool which is offered by WordStream. At here, we can find the great list of keywords related to our businesses or websites. But there is limitation for free users as they can get 30 free searches only. It also offers some of the other keyword tools like Free Keyword Niche Finder, Free Keyword Grouper and Negative Keyword Tool which may help you to pick up better keywords for your websites.

Keyword Research Tools – Wordtracker:  We can also take a help of Keyword research tools which is offered by Wordtracker. Now lots of people are using this tool to find out best keywords for their website. You may use it for a free but there is limitation for that.

Above listed tools are the most important keyword research tools. You may also use some of other tools like Keyword Discovery, Bing Keyword Research Tool, SpyFu, and Keyword List So it depends on you to select a better tool for your work. If you are looking for a free tool which to be used in keyword research then Google Keyword Planner is the best option for you. So just take yourself a step ahead and plan your campaign of keyword research in an effective way.

Top 10 SEO informative blogs

If you are a SEO person then try to learn the latest things to keep you updated. For this, you can take a help of some of the popular SEO blogs. So you can select few SEO blogs to read every day. It may help you to improve your SEO skill. Here are the top 10 SEO blogs you may follow:

1)      Moz blog

2)      Search Engine Land

3)      SEO Book

4)      Search Engine Journal

5)      Search Engine Roundtable

6)      Search Engine Watch

7)      Quick Sprout

8)      Matt Cutts Blog

9)      Higher Visibility

10)   Social Media Examiner

So you may read above listed SEO blogs everyday to get updated with your SEO skills. These are the most popular blogs where experts of internet marketing share their views. So you may follow their views if find any positive things there. After reading blog post you may ask them through comments if you have any confusion.

If you take a look on then you will feel that you can do something more with Moz. There are several ways to learn search engine optimization. You can find Moz blog, YouMoz blog and Community within So you may raise Q&A in the community section. If you read Moz everyday then you can learn lots of things about search engine optimization.

There are some of the other search engine optimization blogs listed above so try to read them also. At there, you can find the tips on latest Google algorithm.

Thank you.

Local Citation finder SEO Tools

It really works well if you build citations to improve your rankings. It also becomes more important when we talk about local SEO projects. Local citations play a great role in local SEO. So we can’t ignore this thing when going to optimize a local business. For this, you need a local citation finder tool. Here are the most important local citation finder tools:

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: It is one of the most important local citation finder tools which helps you to get listed your business on local places for better local search rankings. You may use Whitespark Local Citation Finder as a free or paid tool. If you are going to use this tool for a free then there will be limited access. If you have a big project then try to take a paid plan to gain more access. It also gives facility to the users to identify quality citations. It has also a monitoring tool like Citation Monitoring to see which new citations are showing up. So there is no issue of using this tool to find out citations of the websites. tool: It’s also a great tool to build local citations for your local business. It is powered by Moz to check availability of your business on some of the local search engines. So you can take help of this tool to find out citations of your business.

Yext tool: You can also take a help of to check availability of your business across the internet. Through this way you can build citations for your business in an effective way. So scan your business through this tool and acquire new local places to put your business profile there. It will also be a good idea to build citations for a local business.

These are the important local citation finder tools that can help you to build local citations for your business. Using of Whitespark Local Citation Finder will be good if you are looking for more accurate data. So you may use above listed tools as local citation finder tools to improve local search rankings.

Best back-link analysis tools

It becomes more important to check back-link of your website when planning to beat your competitor’s websites. It’s not enough to track back-links of your site only, but also need to know the back-link of competitor’s websites. So I would like to share few back-link analysis tools with you:

Open Site Explorer: Open Site Explorer is a back-link checker tool to track the list of back-link of any sites in an effective way. It is powered by Moz now. And there is very limited access to this tool for a free. So if you want some more data then you need to pay for it. At here, you will get the results in four columns as Title and URL of Linking Page, Link Anchor Text,                 Page Authority, Domain Authority.  And Moz also gives facility to the users to filter the data so you can filter out all do follow or no follow links in a quick way.

Majestic SEO: Majestic SEO is also one of the back link analysis tools that provide facility to the users to track the back-link of any website. At here you can get the back-links of your website for a free if you have verified your domain on this site. But if you need to analysis backlink of competitor’s website then you need to pay for it. It also shows some more details with the back-links like URL Flow Metrics, Domain Flow Metrics, Link Type and Indexed details.

Backlink Explorer – Raven: You can also take a dig on back-links of your website through Raven backlink explorer. It shows the backlink reports with the following details:

  • Source URL
  • Citation Flow
  • Anchor text
  • No Follow status
  • If link is an image

In this you can also export your reports of backlink in CSV file to use it frequently when you need it.

You may also find some of the other backlink analysis tools online. There are some of the other tools like Backlink Watch, Ahrefs Site Explorer and Backlink Checker – So you may use any of them to check backlink of a website.


Backlinks Checkers

No, I’m not refering to a game called “backlinks checkers”, but to the real thing thing.
We all need to know who is linking to our sites & pages and how they do it, if it’s by an image (banner) or a text, if they’re using the url as the anchor text, the website name or by an anchor text that reflects the sites content and targeted keywords.

The thing is that now, after that Microsoft had acquired yahoo search, we’re all limited in yahoo backlink check, just as we’re in bing backlink check.

So how can we check our backlinks?

Well, there are still tools that can help us run a pretty good analysis. Let’s go over them:

Backlinks watch – is still alive and still shows up to 1,000 results including the anchor text being used.

Open Site Explorer – the free version shows the number of backlinks and a selection of anchor text being used.

Majestic SEO – if you verify that you own the website you get a bit more info, which can include anchor text analysis, backlinks types, link building paste and a comparison with your competitors – for free.

Which to use?

We’ll post our reviews to these and other tools soon enough

Best SEO Blogs

Keeping yourself up to date with all major changes and news in the Search Engines world is a major part of the SEO job.

The big question is how to do so without the hassle of reading through many threads on SEO Forums, one of the things some webmasters / SEO experts do is simply visit or register to the RSS of some major SEO blogs that you can trust their info to be correct and their discussions to be interesting.SEO Compare › Create New Post — WordPress

These are a few of the blogs I recommend, but I’m sure you have more in mind and I’ll be glad to add any blog that has a real value to this list:

  1. Matt Cutts – The official SEO guru, being a part of the Google team and appointed to be in charge of relationship with webmasters his blog is updating webmasters about new features, updates and even requests Google has from webmasters. – visit here | RSS
  2. SEOMOZ – probably the best SEO company offering some views to their news & SEO related updates. Visit here |RSS
  3. SearchEnginesWatch – One of the most reliable blogs for Search Engines news, even Matt Cutts is a close follower of this blog and site. visit here | RSS
  4. SearchEngineLand – Updates and Daily (sometims hourly) news about all search engines… visit here | RSS
  5. SEOCompany.CA – A Canadian seo company which presents some of the best SEO tools, reviews in this blog other SEO Tools and softwares. Although this blog is not exactly up to date, it does have some nice reviews – visit here| RSS

Looking to hear from you about your recommendations and to complete this list to 10 Best SEO Blogs.

PR update check

There have been many rumors (like always) about a PR update during April 2008, but I haven’t noticed anything new.
However, I did notice that DigPageRank is not working any more and all of Google Datacenters that are tested are responding with either N/A or PR OFF.

Since the only way, except actually seeing it in the google toolbar, to find out about a PR update that is on the way is to check as many datacenters as possible and to see if there are different results.

At the moment I am sorry to say I cannot find any good tool that does that except for Future PageRank, if you know of such a tool that works please share.