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Best SEO Blogs

Keeping yourself up to date with all major changes and news in the Search Engines world is a major part of the SEO job.

The big question is how to do so without the hassle of reading through many threads on SEO Forums, one of the things some webmasters / SEO experts do is simply visit or register to the RSS of some major SEO blogs that you can trust their info to be correct and their discussions to be interesting.SEO Compare › Create New Post — WordPress

These are a few of the blogs I recommend, but I’m sure you have more in mind and I’ll be glad to add any blog that has a real value to this list:

  1. Matt Cutts – The official SEO guru, being a part of the Google team and appointed to be in charge of relationship with webmasters his blog is updating webmasters about new features, updates and even requests Google has from webmasters. – visit here | RSS
  2. SEOMOZ – probably the best SEO company offering some views to their news & SEO related updates. Visit here |RSS
  3. SearchEnginesWatch – One of the most reliable blogs for Search Engines news, even Matt Cutts is a close follower of this blog and site. visit here | RSS
  4. SearchEngineLand – Updates and Daily (sometims hourly) news about all search engines… visit here | RSS
  5. SEOCompany.CA – A Canadian seo company which presents some of the best SEO tools, reviews in this blog other SEO Tools and softwares. Although this blog is not exactly up to date, it does have some nice reviews – visit here| RSS

Looking to hear from you about your recommendations and to complete this list to 10 Best SEO Blogs.

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