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Well, this is the first SEO Software I review here, so I’d really appreciate your comments on things that needs to be reviews and I’ve missed or perhaps things I’m paying too much attention to.

Let’s start with the download & installation:

Download of the free version was pretty quick, only 26.5MB . During install you need to fill in name & email, do some updates from the database of WEB CEO and you’re done.


Very friendly, I was really impressed, I added my 1st site then in order to optimize you need to add pages, but don’t worry, you can just click on the “Add Pages from site” and even choose how deep to crawl – 1st level, 2nd level or entire site.

Once you have your pages organized in the page list you can just click on the page you want to analyze, choose keywords or let the software choose the keywords by itself.

A click on “Analyze” will generate you the report which will include:

  1. Keywords in URL – yes / no
  2. Keyword in Title – yes / no and how close are the keywords to the beginning of the title.
  3. Meta description & keywords analysis.
  4. Body text – if your keyword does not appear enough or doesn’t appear in bold, or doesn’t appear in recommended locations.
  5. Alt text-Checks if exists and the density and gives recommendations.


On the same report from the On-Site-Optimization you will see in the lower part an off-site-optimization section which includes:

  1. Link Popularity – general report
  2. Anchor text in Inbound links
  3. Dmoz listing check
  4. Yahoo Directory check
  5. Alexa Directory check

On same report there’s a detailed keyword density report and General page properties with details about used tags and anchors.

SE View Report

This script gives you a thorough look at your website as a search engine crawler would see it:

  • Head Tags
  • Visible Text
  • Links that crawlers can follow
  • Alt tags on images

Find Link Partners

Well, finding link partners could be the most difficult task SEO folks have to deal with.

WEB SEO find link partners feature is found under the “Features” Menu.

This feature allows you to select how you want to search for partners:

  1. By search phrase
  2. By links to your competitors
  3. Both

After you choose the Search Engines you want to use, you can choose the keywords manually or import them from the websites you’ve defined already and then choose Competitors if you’ve chosen that option and last and important option is sites you’d like to exclude from search results.

Once you’ve done with the configure, a simple click on the “Find Partners” Button would make the search for you.

The results are presented in a very friendly table where you can notice the following options:

  1. URL of the link
  2. Search Method (by keyword or by competitor link)
  3. SE Score
  4. Number of links to the competition
  5. Site Title
  6. Site Description (by meta)
  7. Site keywords (by meta)

Afterwards you can define the email template, settings & other rules to set the way you’re going to correspond with your link partners and manage your entire corresponding through the WEB CEO system so once you make a link exchange you can add it quickly to the system and monitor that link on a regular basis to see it is never removed – what else can you ask from a link exchange management software?!

Check Ranking

Another feature the WEB SEO offers is to check ranking for defined keywords for defined websites. Since everything is already defined from previous tasks, this task is really simple.

When going to the Ranking screen you will have to configure your search, which is really easy & nice use.

You can select which search engines from a list of virtually all search engines.

Next step is to choose the keywords from either the website meta or enter them manually.

Based on the number of results you’ve defined to search for and the number of keywords to search for, the duration of the ranking search will take.

PPC Management

What WEB CEO actually does here is download the database from your PPC account and help you manage it in the software based on the sites defined and on the keywords in your site and keywords related. If you know how to manage your PPC account and already using the Adwords software or any other method you already gotten used to, I don’t know how helpful this part of the tool is.


If you have no program to help you manage your links and you would like to also get an idea about possible mistakes in your on-site-optimization this program is definitely a great solution and the PRO version also gives you the benefit of getting more information about your competitors and finding more link partners.

I sure do recommend this software, but you can wait for more reviews on other SEO Softwares, as WEB CEO are not alone in the market.

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