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Paid links is one of the most popular ways today for webmasters to improve their sites ranking and Google PageRank.

Actually, Due to the importance of links to search engine ranking and in particular text links that gives an extra benefit of the anchor text, an entire new industry had emerged: Text Links Trade – many sites now offering their clients space for sell for the sole purpose of text links.

Prices are set according to the following criterias:

  1. Google PageRank.
  2. Page location – homepage, sitewide, subpage – the deeper it goes in the site the lower the rate.
  3. Link Location – location of the link on the page: Header (very rare), Left Side Bar, Right Side Bar, Middle of text or Footer – where the closer the link is to the begining of the Body Tag – the higher the rate.
  4. Alexa ranking.
  5. Traffic.
  6. Number of links sold.
  7. Number of OBL on that page.
  8. IBL – The amount of IBL could point on future changes to its Google PageRank.
  9. Term of link – if you sign for a long term link you would usually get a better price.
  10. Link Style – sometimes an extra fee might be in need when a link is bolded, written in larger font which gives the link a higher importance.

The following are the 2 major text links brokers:

There’s also many other places you can search for links:

All of those websites mentioned above offers you the option to buy links, but also to sell links from your website.


Does buying links assures me that I would improve ranking and Google pagerank?

No! According to Matt Cutts, links that are purchased and discovered by google as purchased will be devalued and won’t transfer nothing but traffic. – read more

 How can Google discover that the links are purchased?

In most cases purchased links will be under the title “Sponsored Links, Featured Links, Advertisers, etc..” – you can understand how easily it is to be recognized by google bots.

Also people can report paid links as spam to google – read more.

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